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ECU Reprogramming

ECUs are mini computers that control the engine in all contemporary vehicles. If you lose your key, the ECU will need reprogramming.

The mobile vehicle locksmiths at Excalibur Security Ltd have online access to the main dealer portals to enable us to reprogramme the electrical vehicle modules. This means that we can usually get your vehicle working again with the original locks and key sets. We offer fast response to customers across Liverpool, Wigan and St Helens so, if you find yourself stuck, give us a call!
ECU Reprogramming

Vehicle Access Referrals

The key focus of vehicle main dealers is selling cars. They are not structured for emergency callouts or to deal with lost, stolen or broken keys. They need to take action to help solve the problem quickly, but they don’t always have the facilities to get involved hands on. For this reason, many main dealers in the North West refer vehicle owners to Excalibur Security Ltd. This way, the dealer can rest assured that their customer will receive a first-class response to their predicament. Locked out of your car? Give us a call! 

Replacement Key Assistance to Main Dealers

We also work with main dealers in more direct ways. In the logistics chain from overseas to the dealerships, there are numerous opportunities for keys to become lost. This can be at the factory, onboard the ship, on a freight train, on a transporter vehicle, in the dealers’ compound or even in the showroom.

As you can imagine, a lost key on a transporter vehicle or on a train can cause havoc and incur huge cost. In the last 30 years, we have responded to numerous emergency calls in train sidings, at docks and vehicle compounds. We get the calls because the dealers know that we will pull out all the stops to replace the missing keys and get the show, literally, back on the road.

"I'd like to thank the fellas at Excalibur for saving the day when I snapped my key in the ignition! I'm immensely grateful. I will pass on your details to friends and family. "
- Jayne  Bootle

For a highly skilled team of mobile vehicle locksmiths, call us now on 

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